elkapath - band members

songwriter vocalist - Carla elkapath

lead guitar - Elliot Dickerson 

bass guitar - Trev

keys -

Drummer - Lee  

carla elkapath - vocalist song writer

 I was born in Gloucester in 1982 I have been singing and writing songs since I was little. I recorded my self singing on tapes back in the 90s. I wrote my fist song when I was 6 years old I joined a band called sunset as a backing singer when I was 18 it was just covers got me a little experience I also did a lot of karaoke growing up  as I got older I realised singing and song writing was something I really liked doing so spent a lot of time in my bedroom writing songs and recording music using my keyboard recording on tapes.. I learnt more about music software when my mum brought a PC I used fl studio to write songs as its basically like a virtual keyboard I  started my solo project and named my self Elkapath in 2004 I knew I liked the sounds of dark mystical music and it was something that  I wanted to add and for that to be my distinctive style I released my first album self titled Elkapath in 2008 then my second album freakshow in 2010 then spirit man in 2012 then twisted issues 2018 I kind of look back and think to my self why didn't I start a band years ago but back then I wasn't a very strong person and was dealing with my own demons and issues   I got spotted by a film company in America on the internet they said they loved the album freakshow and wanted to use 3 of my songs to put into an independent film the 3 songs that was used was "Freakshow" "come over" and" I need your love". The info on this film is in press link on this website ...I did my first live performance at tuff rock festival as elkapath I supported bands as a solo act to start with it helped my confidence a lot and I knew I wanted more and people came up to me saying you need a band behind you with a voice like that I thought about it and thought there right so it got me thinking about turning it into a band and I'm so happy I did        



Trev - bass guitar

Bass - Trevor England 

Born in the 70s, I didn't really get into music until 1988 when I saw inxs on daytime TV. The guitarists looked cool and the music connected with me. I bought my first cassette (inxs kick) followed by transvision vamp velveteen..

Then in 1989 I bought my first guitar and started experimenting with distortion, feedback and building makeshift amplifiers...

Age 30 I was struck down with a degenerative crippling medical condition and lost a lot of movement and dexterity especially in my fingers, so I had to give up guitar playing and other hobbies.

But like a machine that just won't die, I didn't give up on life and though sheer will power and medication, I came back from the brink.

I found motivation in dark music like fear factory, early korn, deftones, pantera etc...

Guitar playing was too intricate so I picked up bass in 2011 as a side hobby.

Joined a band in 2016 called chug and invited Lee to play drums, the start of a drum and bass relationship

Multiple bands and gigs later and I saw an Elkapath advert for a drummer, checked out the music and loved it. So I introduced Lee to Carla. The rest is history and I'm so pleased and honoured to have been asked to join Carla, Elliot and Lee in this amazing band Peace x


Elliot Dickerson - lead guitar

I met Carla years ago at a local karaoke night we became good friends she showed me some of her solo songs and said she was looking for a guitarist as wanted to turn it into a band I said I can play guitar I liked her music because it was different  so we started working together and adding guitar into the mix Carla said this sounds awesome and wanted to try and find more members to join we decided to get a stand in drummer so we could do a live show at the frog and fiddle this was are first gig together we had a lot of good feedback from people that night.. after that kath joined as bass player and we worked together on songs with Carla for a while then my friend Andy joined and we found are drummer lee     

lee - Drummer

Lee has been playing the drums since she was 13 for her school and collage grunge band superbug -self taught  following Dave Grohl and Jimmy Chamberlin. She was a founding member of the highly offensive punk group Gas Vegas from Bath, and has perfomed on drums with other artists in a variety of genres. Her main influences include Black Sabbath, The Darkness, Led Zeppelin, Smashing Pumpkins and Van Halen, but has an eclectic taste and draws from modern genres such as electronica, industrial and EBM. She also enjoys dancing to and DJing hardcore and rave and playing electric guitar. Lee has a Masters degree in Chemistry and almost ended up breaking bad in real life! She is also an alternative/fetish model (@princess_omocha), is part-cat (she miaows and purrs), a sci-fi and anime fan, speaks Japanese and is addicted to buying platform boots.


yet to be found - keyboardist