elkapaths music gets put in to a movie in the united states

Elkapaths music was put into a independent film in the united states of America the film was called midnight cabaret it featured 3 of elkapaths songs 'freakshow'  'I need your love' and 'come over'   FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/midnightcabaret VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. ADULT CONTENT: language, violence, drug usage, and nudity FILM SYNOPSIS (SHORT VERSION): Meet Adam. Intelligent, scholarship award-winning college senior—that is until he sees Jason, his bully from high school. This encounter conjures up his painful past: abusive and alcoholic father; his mother who killed herself; and Todd, his brother who's up for pthis is the song freakshow that was used in the film that the drag queen sings along toarole. Labeled as a geek throughout childhood, Adam now decides to turn from geek to chic, inspired by the gothic drag queen Eve who performs at Midnight Cabaret. He then befriends the wrong crowd, and begins using drugs as an escape, on setting an unexpected journey in finding his true self. Musicians in Trailer (in the order played): Bitch Brigade "Be a Man" Mechanical Moth "Obsession" Redkay "Downs Even Longer the New Up" The Fire Tonight "Cannon Canvas" Candy Creepshow "Letters From Beyond the Grave" Elkapath "Come Over"

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